Q: Is it better to go to a bank or a Mortgage Broker? 

A: All banks are different and there is no one bank that will give you the best rates. Shopping around for a mortgage is the smart thing to do. And just because you've banked somewhere for years doesn't mean they'll give you the best mortgage to fit your needs. 
If you're looking for more information on choosing a bank for your mortgage, Contact us and we can connect you with one of our highly trained and trusted Mortgage Professionals. (Logo Stamp of approval - PLRTFamilyTrusted - use for our affiliates)
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Q: Do I have enough money to pay a realtor to work for me?

A: Yes! Working with the a great Real Estate Professional can actually Save you thousands of dollars! The best thing you can do for yourself is be sure to choose the right realtor! 
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Q: Should I continue to rent, or is buying the right move for me?

A: If you have been at your current full time and secure job for over 1 year and have or have the ability to get a down payment, then buying is a great choice to begin to build wealth in real estate, is way easier than you think! 
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Q: Should I buy a home before or after I sell my current one?

A: This depends on your financial ability, the current market conditions and a few other variables. Get a free, no obligation, over the phone assessment of your needs by completing the form here: Your Home Sold at a Price Acceptable to You Guaranteed or We'll Buy It!*

Q: What should I be concerned about with my divorce and selling our home?

A: Selling your home because of a divorce can be a tricky situation, each party has certain rights and responsibilities you must be aware of. 
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Q: What should I know to sell my home on my own?

A: Selling your home on your own can be risky. But if you're set on selling it yourself you must know the rules and how to follow them for your own protection. 
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