Get the most out of your yard sale

Lexi Tysoski
Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Get the most out of your yard sale

It's been a while but yard sales and garage sales are back! I, personally, love yard sales. It's amazing what you can find. My favourite find was Toronto Maple Leaf's action figure I gifted to my dad. 

Yard sales can be tricky because while you're trying to make some extra cash your customers are trying to get the best deal.

So how do you as the host make that money without turning away customers and ending up with the item back in your house? How do you get the most money for your items?

Well, here are some tips to get the most out of your garage sale

Clean up your items.
Putting out dusty or dirty items may make it seem like the item hasn't had the best care.

Sell books, toys or other like items in sets 
If you have a book series sell it as a set, if you have a collection of books by the same author same thing. the convenience of finding all the books in a set, to the right person is a godsend! And if someone wants just one of the items in your set, bargain with them for a price. 

Have an extension cord 
Having a plug for sellers to try out items is a great idea. Most people, even if they see an electronic they like may not actually buy it if they can't test it out. 

Don't clutter your items
Even if you have to use the ground or extra tables, spread your items out so they're more visible and not missed out on. 

Speak to everyone who visits
People are more likely to buy items from someone who's friendly, especially if they're on the fence about it. 

Start advertising the Monday before you're yard sale. Share to Facebook Market Place, Facebook Garage sale pages in your area, as well as your personal page. e-post or share your garage sale again the day before. Post pictures of the most desirable items you'll be selling and use keyword of some most desirable items you have for sale ( eg. video games, electronics, baby items)

Pre-price your items
Pre-price your item for a reasonable amount, a little higher than you expect to get for the item. People love a bargaining and if they can get you down to a lower price they'll be more likely to purchase the item. 

Hopefully these tips help you with your next garage sale!

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