Young Voters Have Spoken

Lexi Tysoski
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Young Voters Have Spoken
With Ontarians set to head to the polls on June Second, housing affordability, minimum wage and the rising cost of living are considered top priorities by younger voters.

With the price of homes soaring and how expensive everyday items are young Canadians are looking for answers on how the ontario government will be handling these situations. 

The Candidates for Brantford-Brant County are as follows. We are waiting to see what they have to say about the top issues they feel are affecting our area.

NDP: Harvey Bischof

Progressive Conservative: Will Bouma - Incumbent

Green: Karleigh Csordas

Liberal: Ruby Toor

Nicholas Archer (None of the Above Party), Tad Brudzinski (New Blue Party of Ontario) Rob Ferguson (Ontario Libertarian Party), Suzanne Coles (Ontario Party)

2018 Election Results show that the NDP was not far behind the PC Party. 
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Progressive Conservative Will Bouma 24,437 41.56%
NDP Alex Felsky 23,802 40.48%
Liberal Ruby Toor 5,553 9.44%
Green Ken Burns 2,741 4.66%
Ontario Party Dave Wrobel 534 0.91%
None of the Above Nicholas Archer 424 0.72%
Ontario Libertarian Party Rob Ferguson 379 0.64%
Canadians' Choice Party Leslie Bory 258 0.44%
Pauper John Turmel 60 0.1%

Information from: CBC News, The Toronto Star

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