Making Housing More Affordable

Lexi Tysoski
Monday, April 11, 2022
Making Housing More Affordable
The Federal Government has announced its 2022 budget and Housing needs are Chapter One. 
With the Pandemic and the soaring house prices, Chapter 1: Making Housing More Affordable  focuses on helping  Canadian's by building affordable housing, helping first time buyers, protecting buyers and renters and curbing foreign investment and speculation as well as key ongoing actions.

Budget 2022 measures that will build more homes and make housing more affordable across the country include:

  • Putting Canada on the path to double our housing construction over the next decade;
  • Helping Canadians buy their first home;
  • Protecting buyers and renters;
  • Curbing unfair practices that drive up the price of housing; and,
  • Continuing to fight homelessness and support housing affordability, particularly for the most vulnerable.           
                                              -The Government of Canada 2022 Budget Chapter 1: Making Housing More Affordable

Read the full Chapter 1: Making Housing More Affordable

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