Affordable Housing in Paris

Lexi Tysoski
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Affordable Housing in Paris

The Trillium Way Development, located off of Grand River Street North, will provide an affordable housing option for those looking to have, make or keep Paris as their home. The Paris Independent reported that this is a "collaborative project being implemented to achieve the deliverables set out in the Mayors’ Housing Partnerships Task Force Affordable Housing Action Plan." (link below for full article)

Many are waiting for affordable housing so the 506 units going in between now and 2030 will most likely be filled quickly. Some won't have to wait too long as the first development , a49 one to two bedroom apartments, may begin as soon as next month.

If you are in need of afforadble housing you must be eligible and on the waiting list of a service manager or currently living in community housing. There are several ways to be considered eligible such as survivors of domestic violence & Human trafficking, Indigenous people, seniors and those with disabilities.
You can contact your local service manager to apply here.

Everyone deserves to have a home and this is a start for those in need in Paris.

Sources: The Paris Independant,  

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