Home Decor Trends For Fall 2021

Nick Crawford
Sunday, September 19, 2021
Home Decor Trends For Fall 2021

It’s no secret that the past year has been interesting for home décor. From DIY foam mirrors to mismatched dining sets it seems that staying at home has forced us to be a little bit more “creative” with our choice of interior design.  

As the fall 2021 season is already in full swing, we thought it only necessary to bring you some valuable interior design knowledge to compliment your pumpkin spice addiction. This blog will dive into some trends that are sure to make you want to rearrange your space for the 3rd time this week.  

Neutral Colour Palettes  

 Although fall seems to make us bust out the pumpkins, pinecones, and scary decorations, living our lives at home has created a greater need for serenity within our space. It’s not surprising to find that Neutral Colour Palettes have found their way into this list. 

Spice up your space, by keeping it simple. Use muted, soft tones to create light and warm in your home. There’s something to be said for the juxtaposition between the bright leaves outside and the soft neutrals in your home. Using window space to create beautiful vignettes and draw attention to the changing leaves outside is the best way to keep your space calm and still achieve the fall ambience you want.  

Rich and Warm Accents

Yes, we know we just said to keep things neutral, but no one ever said there’s anything wrong with a beautiful accent colour. Fall unlocks a spooky energy in all of us and one of the ways to express that is by using rich, warm tones to bring life into your spaces.  

Think of rich browns, earthy greens, and even stunning jewel tones. When mixed into neutral spaces it adds an element of subtle depth to your room without having your accent colour be the only thing that your eye notices. 

Cozy Fabrics

When designing a space, it’s important to acknowledge what the room’s purpose is. Think about what you would like the conversation to be like when you enter that space. Do you want it to be lively and structured? Or maybe cozy and relaxed? This is important to consider and one of the best ways to add this touch is through fabric. 
2021 has been all about the athleisure, the Zoom Outfits, and a whole other level of self-care. So, it’s only natural for us to want cozy fabrics to illicit a sense of warmth. Fall is all about warmth and this year we’re adding it into the home by implementing chunky knits and velvety textures. This doesn’t just have to be pillows and throws, it can be upholstery, window hangings, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The chunky knits will be a nice call out to our favourite sweaters and mid-day napping while the velvet will bring much needed light into our shorter days. 

Natural Textures

We’ve all seen those $8000 dollar chairs that look like back pain waiting to happen. Well, beauty is pain, they say, and what better way to make sure guests don’t stay to long than to give them somewhere uncomfortable to sit. In all seriousness, these rattan and caned chairs can be a beautiful addition to your space. 
In typical COVID fashion, we’ve really learned to start bringing the outside in with the addition of rattan and caning. Something about natural textures can make you feel one with nature in your space and really create that fall aesthetic we’re all dreaming of.  

Gold and Brass Materials 

Our final and favourite trend is adding gold and brass materials into your space. By using a brushed metallic surface in your space, you are able to bring pops of light and interest without blinding your houseguests or drawing too much attention. 
These additions can be found in things like knobs, picture frames, mirrors, and small accent pieces. These items can be quite pricey if found in mainstream interior design stores, but we suggest looking in vintage or second-hand furniture stores if you’re looking for the same look for a fraction of the price – not to mention it’s better for the environment too. 
We hope you found something valuable from today’s blog. If you end up trying out any of the tips mentioned above, post a photo on social media and tag us! We love to see what you’ve come up with. Happy decorating!  
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