Good and Bad Renovation Shortcuts!

Lexi Tysoski
Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Good and Bad Renovation Shortcuts!
The Good and The Bad of Renovation Shortcuts
A fixer-upper or renovation property seems so daunting. Not only is there the cost of the property, but the taxes that come along with it. And that’s just the beginning, then comes the renovations themselves. The cost of the drywall mud, paint, flooring, new fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen just to name a few.
It seems like it wouldn’t even be worth it. But it very much can be. There are so many tasks that have short cuts that can be taken advantage of.  But be wary, some short cuts are an absolute no!

Good Short Cuts
Professional Advice
You don’t need to hire a professional but getting advice can cut your work and cost in half by letting you know what is necessary and what isn’t.
Choose the Less Expensive Option
Laminate vs. Marble counter tops is a good example. Laminate is seen as a cost-effective alternative to the heavy expensive marble. It is also made to look similar so you can still have the same look.
Visit The ReStore
The ReStore carries used and unwanted renovation materials from flooring to fixtures. Its hit and miss so you might have to try out different city locations to find what you’re looking for. And who knows what you’ll find! The proceeds from this store support Habitat for Humanity, so you’re also helping your community by shopping there. 

Only Do What Needs to be Done
While looking at a room you might think, “Hey, this room would look great if we added crown molding.” But does it need to be done? Probably not. Would it add value? Even if it would, it’s probably not going to be worth the money and time you put in.
Reusing Items  Already in the House
Instead of ripping out all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, ask yourself can they be refinished? If you paint them and add new handles, will they look good as new? If they’re stable why not just update them?

Bad Short Cuts
Skipping Steps
You might think that passing over steps that you feel are unnecessary will save you time and money. But those small steps might be crucial. Not sealing a window or door properly will cause moisture damage and make the home cold, costing more to heat.
Professional Help
Plumbing and electrical wiring is not something that should be done by someone who isn’t licensed. It may seem simple but there are many things that can go wrong. When a building inspector notices it won’t turn out well.
Not Getting Permits
Saving money on those permits will eventually lead to trouble. When the building inspector notices it’s going to cost you more. And if you don’t get permits you might do something that will need to be undone costing you even more.
Putting New Flooring Over Top of Old Flooring
This can lead to uneven flooring causing squeaks and may even lead to cracks in the new floor boards. Taking out the previous boards wont cost you much anyway, it just takes time.
Gutting the Place
Ripping out everything before thinking about how you can reuse items could cost you more than you need to spend. Can flooring be fixed instead of torn out? Do you have to replace the baseboards? Or can they be filled and painted to look like new?
 There are endless ways to save money when renovating a fixer-upper. You just need to think about what is necessary and what is unnecessary, find a less expensive alternative and reuse your own items or buy used!
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