National Tile Day

Lexi Tysoski
Tuesday, February 23, 2021
National Tile Day

Tile is a classic material that comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours!

Upside: It's durability is high, cleaning is a breeze and there are so many different shapes and colours to choose from. Any room would feel upgraded with the application of tile. With the many options of tile it's more difficult to choose between the ten you like than not finding any you like. 

Downside: It may not be flexible and crack if they aren't installed properly. If you drop a heavy object, one tile may crack and it may be difficult to replace. Sometimes the grout can be difficult to clean if left for too long without a good scrub. 

Material: Tile Doesn't just come in ceramic or marble. Other popular tile materials are glass, porcelain, metal and limestone. And those aren't your only options. The different materials have completely different looks. Natural Tile is a great way to add texture to your home and not look too 

Alternatives: Home building centers have many options for Peel and Stick Tiles if you can't quite commit to tiles for the long term. Such as if you're renting or not interested in spending the money. These Peel and Sticks give the illusion of beautiful classic tile and you don't have to be an expert! They can also be very durable, as long as you get the right ones

Would We Use Them?: Yes! Our bathroom floor, the walls of the shower and the sides of our bathtub are tiled! We used large grey textured tiles to create a comfortable and easy to clean space! And half the wall behind our floating toilet has small white subway tiles.
Our Fire Place also has tile. We used an off-white extra small rectangle shaped limestone tile. They're all different shapes and colours and has an amazingly natural look.

Can I Install Them Myself? Before Jody was a Realtor, he worked in construction for 35+ years, so he has experience, But We'd say yes! You could do it yourself! With all the professional DIY videos out there it would be easy to learn! We'd recommend ( especially with tiles) not to cut any corners and remember that prepping is Super important!

Our Favourites: ( You may be able to tell we're big fans of greys) 
Can I Install Them Myself?

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