Review: Netflix's Interior Design Masters

Lexi Tysoski
Thursday, February 18, 2021
Review: Netflix's Interior Design Masters

Although I'm not a huge fan of competition shows I really did enjoy Interior Design Masters!

I loved that each episode had a completely different area to redesign and every contestant had completely different style that they made work for the challenge.

Ju's style was definitely my favourite designer from episode 2 on. I loved her style and how she could really shift it to meet the needs of the different places she designed. Floral is a big yes for her and I also really like florals.  Unfortunately, she didn't win, I was really Rooting for her!

Cassie was actually my least favourite designer, I was very surprised that she won. I disliked the dark colours she used and absolutely despised the green she chose for the episode with the barber shop. Although, it was very obvious she was an amazing designer, it's just not what I personally like.


Something I was surprised about while watching was how many contestants used wallpaper in their designs. We've been told wallpaper is outdated but WOW! They found and used some amazing ones! The florals, the landscapes, the patterns! They made me immediately google temporary stick and peel wallpapers to use! I love patterns especially on walls and it can be so difficult to find ones that aren't too repetitive in their design.

The number one thing I dislike about competition shows is the mean talk between competitors. I understand that it's a competition show but saying mean things about the people you're challenging is not my cup of tea. I found Interior Design Masters did a very good job at Not showing drama unless it was rooted in why something happened.

There wasn't much bad talk, and the designers were just being truthful when they said they didn't like another designers area. It was very refreshing to see how they hugged and supported each other, even when they weren't on the same team.

Overall I'd say give it a watch if you like home design shows or competition shows! And there seems to be a season to coming out and it will definitely be on my watchlist!

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