small space BIG IMPACT!

Paula Tysoski
Tuesday, June 16, 2020
small space BIG IMPACT!
Small spaces are always a conundrum when it comes to making your home look it's best! 

We're sure you've looked at a room or even just a space in your home and thought "How will I ever make this look nice?" "What would I even put here?"  "I need office space to work from home! But where would it go?"
How about just "What am I going to do witht his space?"

Luckily for us, our kids have moved out and we have an extra bedroom that we've converted to an office. But for people who dont have that available space where would you put it? 

We've seen some very creative spaces for offices! Like in a wide hallway by a bright window. The corner of a living room, using a dining area as an office instead of for eating, a breakfast nook. 

If you've lived in the same home for a while it might be hard to find a "new" space in your home. But if you want to find a new space you'll need to open your mind to the possiblities. 

Check Out our Pinterest Board: Small Space, Big Impact! for some idea that inspired us!


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