Co-Op Student Jayden's Blog

Paula Tysoski
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Co-Op Student Jayden's Blog
Hi, I'm Jayden; a 19 Year old North Park Co-Op student attending the University of Waterloo in the fall. In my final semester of my lap year (Grade 13), I backtracked and took a Grade 11 Open level course, Co-Op. Joining the class late, I was at a disadvantage as every one else in the class went off to their placements while I still hunted for one myself. My criteria was specific; business related, and no one or nothing I already knew. I didn't want to be spending time with a family friend I've known my whole life, or work somewhere I already had some experience in. On the last possible day, I interviewed at Platinum Living Realty with Paula. I knew off the hop it would be an excellent fit. A few days later I started, welcomed into a family business with open arms. Over the last four months or so, I have worked on countless individual mini projects, tasks, ideas and learned an extraordinary amount about the inner workings of the Real Estate industry. Largely, I have worked on website management/design and online marketing including Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager. I have even completed courses and received Googles Analytics Individual Qualification Certificate. Even more importantly, I have had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in a successful, well managed, and growing small business. The knowledge, experience, and relationships I have gained through my placement at Platinum Living Realty with Paula, Lexi, Desiree and Jody are truly invaluable, and I can confidently say that the last class I took in my high school career; a Grade 11 Open, provided me with the most important, transferable, and necessary skills to assist me further down the line.

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