Moving With Pets

Paula Tysoski
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Moving With Pets

Your pets are most likely a beloved member of your family, and moving them requires special care and attention. Moving with pets doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to make moving with your furry friends as easy as possible.

  •  Contact your vet – Inform your vet if you are moving out of area so that your pet’s records and prescriptions can move with you. They may even be able to recommend another vet in your new area.Update your pet’s information - Update tags and microchip information to your new addressand phone number.

  • Pack gradually – Packing everything up all at once can make pets anxious, so start as early as possible and stretch the process out over several days or even weeks. Take breaks from packing and be sure to stick to your pet’s routines.

  • Pack for your pets – Pack your pet’s necessities separately and bring extra food in case you can’t easily find your pet’s regular food at your new location (changing a pet’s diet suddenly can cause digestive problems). When you get to your new home, unpack their belongings first to get them settled easier.

  • Keep pets away from the action and in a quiet area – The easiest and most ideal way to do this is to leave your pets with a friend, family member or kennel on moving day. If that isn’t an option for you, give your pets their own area (such as a bedroom), close the door and fill it with their food, water, and belongings. Make sure to check on them regularly, feed and walk them at usual times, and keep to routine as best as possible.

  • Don’t let your pet out until you’ve arrived – Pets can easily get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Once they are in the car, don’t open their carriers, until your pet in in the new home. If you have cats that you allow outdoors, give them a few days to adjust inside your new home before letting them out to roam.

If you're like us, your pets are family. We don't want to see our families stressed out when going through a big change. We hope these tips help you in the future! 

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