Is Installing a Second Bathroom a Good Investment?

Paula Tysoski
Saturday, February 2, 2019
Is Installing a Second Bathroom a Good Investment?
Is Installing a Second Bathroom a Good Investment?
Home renovations can be fun, exciting, rewarding, and a great way to increase the equity in your home. The decision to add a second bathroom is a big one, but it’s a decision that can add a lot of value to your home and the benefits of adding a second bathroom to your home are many, including:
  • Desirability for future buyer:
    • Homes with more than one bathroom are often more attractive to buyers
    • The majority of buyers love a ‘move in ready’ home and often do not have the knowledge or cash available to do these types of major improvements.
  • Increased property value:
    • Adding a second bathroom does increase the value of your property, things to consider are
      • How long are you planning on staying in the home?
      • Do you need the additional bathroom while you are there?
    • Some reports say you can expect to recoup about 50% of the cost of the installation but it is near impossible to measure that in a resale home unless your competitor is the exact same home in the exact same condition, such as with new construction homes.
    • Desirable types of bathrooms such as an ensuite will also add value.
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