Morgans Favourite Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Morgan Morris
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Morgans Favourite Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

By Moragn Morris 
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Have you ever felt just downright, utterly confused on what to do with your home? Does it feel small or awkward? If your home is on the smaller side of the scale there are things you can do to at least make it feel like it’s bigger. No one ever wants to feel cramped in their home. Here’s a list of some of my favourite design tips and tricks to make your home feel like a completely different space.

Lighten The Walls!
It’s important to stick to whites. I sometimes like to go with a pale grey but that’s just a personal preference. If you’re going to add colour make sure it’s in small amounts. The colour you choose chose should be bold to give the room depth and personality. Remember, white reflects light and black absorbs it.  

Let In The Natural Light!
Uncover your windows. By doing so the room will immediately feel bigger. If you feel uncomfortable not having curtains or blinds do not fret! For drapery I suggest using sheer curtains to still allow the light to come through. For blinds, install them on the inside of the window casing if possible. This will save on wall space and make the room feel bigger.
 *Side Note on Drapery! * If you hang the curtain rod at the ceiling line it will give the room the appearance of being taller.

Define Your Space
You can define areas in your home with rugs such as the living room, dining room or office. By defining that space, you create a focal point. This tip works best for larger rooms or studio apartments that need more of a defined structure.
Get Ready to Pull!
Nearly everyone places their furniture flush against the wall and this is a very common mistake. Pull your furniture away from the wall a few inches to give it some breathing room.

Choose the Right Accessories! 
- Stay away from using small accessories, instead use a few large ones that are more impactful to the space.
-Definitely incorporate a mirror to reflect more light and give the illusion of more space.
-Keep in mind that tall and narrow artwork will give the illusion of height to the space. The artwork doesn’t have to be tall and narrow but can be a large statement piece as well.

 Choose The Right Furniture!
-It’s important to keep as much belongings hidden so the space doesn’t feel crowded or messy. Utilize furniture with hidden storage or furniture that serves a multifunctional purpose.
-With a smaller space to work with you have to use smaller scale furniture to balance out the space. Another option is to have less furniture pieces but to use only a few big statement pieces.
-Furniture with exposed legs appear light and airy rather than big bulky. If you can find furniture that sits lower to the ground that will help with the appearance of space as well. Keeping a low profile visually largens the room.

Keep It Simple! 

Thank you to Interior Designer Morgan Morris for your contribution to our blog with this amazing article! 
Morgan Morris is a new interior designer who works in Brant County and surrounding Area. She is an avid believer in saving the environment and is working well towards a zero waste life style. She is also a wonderful artist who works in mediums such as water colour and ink. 
You can follow her journey on her blog here:

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