January 29th is National Puzzle Day!

Lexi Tysoski
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
January 29th is National Puzzle Day!

January 29th is National Puzzle Day!

I’ve always dreamed about living in one of the houses out of a Thomas Kinkade Puzzle. They give off such a feeling of calm and serenity that it transpires right off the artwork and into the mind of the puzzle doer.  
The country houses always seem to be surrounded by beautiful softly coloured gardens and trees with gravel driveways. They usually include smooth bodies of water like a lake, stream or pond. The lighting is low, and you can see the soft yellow lights in the windows. Even the clouds are appealing in these puzzles; soft whites and greys floating through the sky.

Can you imagine living in such a place? Your own little world where you can sit in the garden and watch the birds fly by or hop through your garden peacefully.

Jigsaw Puzzles were created in the 1700’s to teach people how to read maps.  They became popular in the 1800’s as an activity for adults and were expensive hobbies as they had to be cut from very thin wood. The puzzles were around $5 back then.

And did you know that Puzzles are more than just fun?

They help with things like improving your memory and can even help slow down memory loss problems like dementia and alzheimers disease in some cases.
They help you increase your ability to problem solve, lower stress, improve mood and can even help you better your collaborative skills.

Jigsaw Puzzles might have started the craze, but there are so many other types of puzzles from word and number puzzles to riddles. They’re all designed for entertainment, all while helping you improve your brain functions!

How could you not love puzzles?!

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