10 Simple Christmas Decorating Tips

Lexi Tysoski
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
10 Simple Christmas Decorating Tips
  • Command Hooks.
They can be used to hang garlands, ornaments and If you turn them upside down, you can even use them as Wreath hangers!

  • Burlap
Burlap is very versatile and can be used inside and outside the house! It’s going for about $10 for ten feet on Amazon.

  • Christmas Tree Lights
Using two different sized lights on your tree can bring a little extra interest to your tree

  • Hang Ornaments From Different Places
Hang ornaments from places like chandeliers, overhangs or even off the bannister of your staircase.

  • Twisted Lights
Keep those strings of lights that cant be untwisted! You can put big ones in a wide planter and cover them with branches or put small ones in a glass jar.

  • Hot Glue Outside
Hot Glue will temporarily stick your lights to Brick!

  • Christmas Cards!
Display your Christmas cards in different ways, Like on your Christmas tree!

  • Simple Centre Pieces
 A bowl filled with some pine cones or ornaments can look very stylish.

  • DIY Room Scent
 Boil some oranges and add some cinnamon and cloves to it for a festive smell

  • Outdoor Trees
Decorate your outdoor trees with ornaments and spotlights to make them sparkle!


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