BEWARE: Brantford and Brant County Homeowners

Paula Tysoski
Saturday, October 20, 2018
BEWARE: Brantford and Brant County Homeowners



The dark side of Brantford & Brant County being named the best place to invest in Canada.


Unfortunately, this honour brings business to our town that may NOT have YOUR best interest in mind. As their letters state, these people are NOT licensed Real Estate Professionals, do you trust them to advise you on one of the most important decisions of your life and possibly the most expensive, the sale of what may be your largest asset?

Who are the people behind the letters?
They are professional house “Flippers” who purchase your home for the lowest possible price, fix it up and sell it for what can sometimes be hundreds of thousands more than what they paid you for it.

Be sure you do not fall prey to unfair pricing determined by people who are not Real Estate Professionals. Call us at 519-761-3737 for your Free Market Evaluation of your home or

Click the Image here for to find out what your home is worth online. 


There is no cost or obligation for this professional and detailed assessment.
At least one realtor reported the people writing the letters offered to sell any leads to them, does this sound like a business acting in a homeowners best interest? One of our own clients reported that she had them to her house after receiving a post card from the same people in the spring of 2018. Once they heard she was meeting with a Professional Realtor, they refused to give her a price on her home.
There are many reasons for the laws overseeing Real Estate Professionals and only licensed Real Estate Professionals (Lawyers and builders employees excepted) are legally allowed to represent you in the purchase and/or sale of your property in Ontario.



Be sure you choose the right Real Estate Professional to help you with the purchase or sale of a property and ensure you and your family are not taken advantage of. Call our Toll Free number 1-844-311-4202 and enter ID # 4006 for a free package outlining how to select the right Representative to help you mailed to your home free and without obligation.

If you ARE looking for buyers who will pay top dollar for your home, we have over 2000 Buyers and Sellers in waiting in our databases with more added each day.
Price is a result of Supply VS Demand, be sure you choose the Real Estate Professionals that can deliver your home to the highest number of potential buyers.
Call us at 519-761-3737 for more details on how to get your home sold for the most amount of money! We will even guarantee in writing* to sell your home for a price acceptable to you or we will buy it ourselves.


*Conditions apply call 519-761-3737 for complete details.

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